Direct Beach Access
Quick and easy access to the beach will allow guests and visitors to enjoy the beautiful California coastline
A variety of restaurants and lounges will welcome guests and the local community
Nature & Preservation
Natural landscape and its preservation in mind, the Encinitas Beach Resort project will start a much-needed 45,000 cubic yard sand replenishment project
Meeting spaces
World-class meeting spaces will be available, allowing for business meetings and company retreats

Encinitas Beach Hotel

The Encinitas Beach Hotel project (working title) has been highly anticipated since it was first submitted to the City of Encinitas in 1989. Originally proposed as a beach resort sister-property to the La Costa Resort & Spa, the re-imagined project is now a stand-alone luxury hotel with an eco-friendly design and distinctly Encinitas feel.  Construction is slated to begin in January 2019 and is expected to take approximately two years.

The project represents a true vision for Encinitas that has been developed over the last 30 years. Since its original concept, dozens of public meetings and hearings have been held by the different ownership interests, including rigorous approvals at the City of Encinitas, California Coastal Commission, and State Parks.  The resulting project will feature natural building materials and colors that will blend into the existing bluffs, as well as high end amenities for guests and residents alike.


Encinitas Beach-Front Luxury

What was envisioned then and will now be realized is a beautiful 130-room luxury hotel with multiple wedding venues, three restaurants and lounges, numerous meeting spaces, and expansive views of the Batiquitos Lagoon and Pacific Ocean. This project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that residents and community leaders will take pride in for generations to come.

Locals can look forward to direct beach and bluff access, additional public parking, a newly developed walking path from Coast Highway to the beach and bluff, and a bicycle cafe to meet the needs of Encinitas resident’s outdoor lifestyle and laidback beach culture.

For Our Visitors
Hotel guests can enjoy quick and easy shuttle rides to and from downtown Encinitas, a full-service spa and fitness facility, unparalleled wedding venues, a variety of restaurants and lounges, as well as panoramic views of Batitiquos Lagoon and Pacific Ocean from the balcony of nearly every room in the hotel.
For Our Community
The coastal bluffs along the ocean are iconic & synonymous with Encinitas.  Numerous soil, geological, and erosion studies were completed to ensure their stability before the project was granted approval. With the natural landscape & preservation in mind, the project will also immediately start a much-needed 45,000 cubic yard sand replenishment project on the adjacent beaches, which will be finished in time for Summer of 2019. Additionally, the project will be a much anticipated economic catalyst for City of Encinitas by providing significant tax revenue to the City.